Dear students,

Starting November 2021, applications to return to campus for the requirement to use the Faculty Laboratory must be made online.

Admission to the laboratory is broken down into categories of students residing within the campus (hostel) and students who live outside the campus (outside the hostel). Each of these categories will enter the campus according to the date specified. This is in line with the decision made by the UMP. Applications will be opened once a month. In this regard, applications to return to campus for the needs of using the Faculty Laboratory can be made through:-

Student eCommunity >Postgraduate Student >IPS Online >Return to Lab >Application >New Application >Save & Update >Apply

Please make sure:-

1. Choose a right category (Inside or Outside),

2. Choose the date that is really required to use the Faculty Laboratory, you can choose either one (1) or both dates, to add more than one (1) date, please proceed with New Application.

3. Only completed vaccination students are allowed to enter the campus. Vaccination information should be updated through this application or student eCommunity>vaccine information,

4. Only approved students are allowed to return to the campus to use the Faculty laboratory.

Applications for April 2022 are already open until 28th March 2022 at 5.00 pm. Approval letters and laboratory schedule will be issued in the same system. You can download a letter for this purpose. Notification regarding approval will be made after the application has been approved by Faculty and IPS.

Attached herewith, is an infographic SOP for your reference.

For further enquiries, please call 09-4316959.

Thank you.

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