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Dean's Welcome Note


Prof. Dato Dr Hasnah IPS

Prof. Dato' Dr. Hasnah Binti Haron, Dean of IPS UMP


Assalammualaikum wt. bt.,

Welcome to Institute of Postgraduate Studies,

Formed in 2005, the Institute of Post Graduate Studies (IPS) was formerly known as the Office of Research & Graduate Studies. In 2008, it was rebranded as the Centre of Graduate Studies. It was subsequently named as what it is known today in 2012. Over the past 10 years, under the leadership of 6 different heads/ Deans, IPS has undergone the process of innovation development. Thanks to their contribution, today IPS has been able to grow from strength to strength.

IPS’s main objective is to ensure the quality postgraduate study, while at the same time assisting postgraduate students from various disciplines to complete their postgraduate studies in UMP. It is also an administrative centre that helps to manage, monitor and facilitate matters pertaining to postgraduate studies in the pursuit to make UMP a distinguished Technological University. It also attempts to provide quality services to all “stakeholders” of the university. This is in line with the University’s vision and mission.

IPS at UMP serves 10 faculties that offer both coursework and masters by thesis and PhD by research.  The areas of research are broadly classified into Engineering and Technology Cluster. UMP has students from diverse nationalities covering over 23 countries. Over the years, the number of postgraduate students has increased.  As of April 2016, UMP has 1261 Postgraduate students. With the assistance of its Postgraduate Association (PGA), IPS has conducted activities for its students, amongst others, including 3MT Competition, Postgraduate dinner, competency courses, community services and visits to the industry.

To ensure quality and efficiency, IPS has also produced guidelines for research and coursework for students. Amongst its purpose is to assist the students to produce quality work. In the 2016-2020 agenda, IPS has adopted a tagline of “Providing Quality Services” to its stakeholders and will continue to improve over time, true to its motto “Towards Continuous Improvement”.

IPS has a high belief in achieving excellence. To do this, IPS needs to plan and continuously improve to achieve its targets. This is in line and consonant with UMP’s Vice-Chancellor Annual speech tagline that is “Destiny by Design”.